clay epsalt nirvana【 SAKURA 】

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Clay epsalt nirvana~SAKURA

Clay epsalt nirvana is a bath salt that expressesNEHAN's world view. The theme of this product is
to experience "Nirvana and serenity" throughbathing. The simple packaging design is inspired by the spirituality of Zen.The main ingredient is 99.99% pure Epsom salt,which our company, founded in 1599, has achieved with its own technology.
This Epsom bath salts are blended with Japanese clay. By adding it to the bathwater, it will be transformed into smooth water. It contains lotus flower extract extracted from lotus, a symbol of nirvana. This is a soothing bath salt for of Japanese style of bathing and has skin benefits.

SAKURA A fragrance that pursues the true scent of cherry blossoms as envisioned by the Japanese.
(Tonka bean,etc)

【Bath cosmetics】

【The new manufacturing process for making powder with low dusting】
Fine-grained clay products are generally prone to powder swirl in the air.
This product reduces it by the manufacturing process of the original technology.

Magnesium Sulfate, Bentonite, Jojoba Seed Oil, BG, Polysorbate 20, Cyclodextrin,
※Lotus Flower extract, Fragrance

※Expected to have anti-aging effect that cares for the cause of aging and leads to youthful, firm and glossy skin (according to the manufacturer)

【Internal capacity】100g

13 cm wide and 14 cm long

【How to use】 
Put one bag of this product in the bath water (about 200 liters) and stir well to
dissolve it completely. The clay may remain in the bath tub. Rince it off with shower.

【About cleaning after bathing】
After draining the water, clay ingredients may remain in the bathtub.
Rinse with a shower etc.