Epsalt 8 bags 【With 1 measuring spoon】

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For adult women and adult men.
Epsolt bathing for 15 to 20 minutes daily for clear skin.

For everyday users 8 bags 6.4kg unscented.

EPSALT is made from magnesium sulfate and recrystallized to achieve 99.99% purity using an advanced technology at UMAI's integrated facility.
Magnesium sulfate is commonly called EPSOM SALT. It is commonly used by celebrities and beauty and wellness enthusiasts as part of their beauty regimen. It is a proven effective salt bath for everyone who wish to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
EPSALT is a Japanese cosmetic bathing product clinically proven to keep your skin moisturized and improve your overall skin health.

【About packaging and design】

It is reasonably priced for daily users and easy for women to carry.
The wide opening for easy take-out, and just enough for one week.
The 800g package was created based on the above factors.
The design motif is the cat-legged bathtub, which is also the key visual of NEHAN TOKYO.

【ingredients】Epsom Salt (99.99% purity)
※No use of preservatives, synthetic perfume or coloring, or petroleum-based ingredients.

【Internal capacity】

1 bag 800g x 8

【Approximate number of days of use】
About 2 months and 1 week
※As a daily use of 100g
If you use the attached measuring spoon, 3 cups will be about 100g.

24.5×11×8cm(1 bag)

【How to use】
Prepare a hot bath (about 180 to 200 liters) and pour the bath salt(100 grams). Let the salt dissolve completely. Stir well and enjoy your bath.