"nirvana" TERA NIWA SAKURA Assorted Gift Box

Assorted set of 3 types of "nirvana" in a box

"nirvana" TERA NIWA SAKURA Assorted Gift Box

Clay Epsalt nirvana is a bath salt that expresses NEHAN's world view.
The theme of this product is to experience "Nirvana and quiet and peaceful" through bathing.
This is a high-quality assortment set where you can enjoy the three scents of TERA, NIWA, and SAKURA.

【Contents of the Set】
TERA: A calming scent reminiscent of a mossy Japanese temple.
(Mandarin, patchouli, sandalwood, etc.)

NIWA: A scent inspired by the zen garden and flowers.
(Grapefruit, cypress, mentha, etc.)

SAKURA :A fragrance that pursues the true scent of cherry blossoms as envisioned by the Japanese.
(Tonka bean,etc)

・NEHAN magnet box

※The box can be used repeatedly with a magnet opening and closing type.
The surface is embossed with a high-class feel.
(Size External dimensions 17.2 in height 17.8 in width 7.5 cm in height)

【Bath cosmetics】

【Internal capacity】100g ×3