Epsalt 【4 bags】 Clay Epsalt 【4 bags 】 set 【With 2 measuring spoon】

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For adult women and adult men.
Epsalt bathing for 15 to 20 minutes daily for clear skin.

Set of 4 bags of Epsalt and 4 bags of Clay Epsalt

【Internal capacity】

Epsalt : 1 bag 800g x 4

Clay Epsalt :1 bag 800g x 4

With 2 measuring spoon

※As a daily use of 100g
If you use the attached measuring spoon, 3 cups will be about 100g.

【About packaging and design】

It is reasonably priced for daily users and easy for women to carry.
The wide opening for easy take-out, and just enough for one week.
The 800g package was created based on the above factors.
The design motif is the cat-legged bathtub, which is also the key visual of NEHAN TOKYO.